Seashore Day Camp and School Website
Web Design Firm: Splendor Design Group
Geotarget: North America
Location: Red Bank, NJ
Splendor Design Group increased the outreach of Seashore Day Camp and School. First, a modern, friendly, and easy-to-navigate website was developed that focused on the value proposition of Seashore Day Camp and School. As a result, picture galleries, detailed descriptions, and calendars were all directly embedded into the website. This website was complemented by the rebranding efforts that created the approachable Seashore brand. In addition, a print campaign produced similar messages through various mediums including brochures, selling the school to prospective clients. An online marketing campaign was conducted that drew in new customers to the program. Altogether, Splendor increased traffic through web and print mediums for Seashore that also benefitted from a stronger branding strategy.