Seashore Students Medal At Science Olympiad 2016


LONG BRANCH, February 26 – After spending the last four months honing STEM skills at The Seashore School in Long Branch, sixth grade Camilla Silva and fifth grade Essau Walker medaled at Science Olympiad 2016 at West Amwell Elementary School February 25. The duo had only 20 minutes to build a foot high tower that would stand for at least one minute — using just mini marshmallows and toothpicks.

Silva and Walker were part of Seashore’s team of fourth to sixth graders, who competed in 11 events against 12 schools throughout New Jersey. According to Science Teacher Ellen Fedosh, this was the first time any of the students participated in this daylong timed trial competition.

From the minute they entered the gymnasium lined with stations of challenges requiring quick thinking, precision and teamwork, the pressure was on for teams to finish and move to the next event.

“The marshmallow tower was one of three new challenges added to the 2016 schedule,” Fedosh said.

Every second counted. “We knew for our tower to stay up, we had to build a stable base,” Silva and Walker said. “As we built up, we used triangles because we were taught that they add strength to structures.”

Teams also were challenged to construct the tallest newspaper tower, create a straw bridge that would hold the most weight, hit the target in the rubber band catapult, identify mystery powders, drop an egg on the mark from a 14’ ladder without having break, build a pastamobile that would race the furthest, play a song using bottles and more.

“We are very proud of Camilla, Essau and the entire team,” Fedosh said. History Teacher Chris Stone, who partnered with Fedosh to prepare students for the Olympiad agreed. “I was extremely pleased to see how well our students worked as a team, thought on their feet and executed tasks with the clock running,” he said.

One of the premiere science competitions in the country, the Science Olympiad consists of district, regional, state and national tournaments that require knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and applications.

“It’s important to spark an interest in science early,” Fedosh said. “Students learned a lot, had fun and can’t wait to enter again next year.”

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Caption: Seashore Students Medal At Science Olympiad 2016 In Marshmallow Tower Challenge. Camilla Silva and Essau Walker, students at The Seashore School in Long Branch, medaled at Science Olympiad 2016 for building a foot high tower from mini marshmallows and toothpicks at this year’s Science Olympiad.