Elementary School That Is Anything But Elementary

Seashore Elementary School is designed for families who want a smaller class size and more challenging curriculum than their town offers.  With an advanced course of study that focuses on academics, athletics and the arts, STEAM program, extensive technology department, field trips that enhance education and individual attention, Seashore offers everything you would expect from a private school except the high price tag.

We Make Sure Each Child Is Keeping Up With The Pace
At this level, classroom instructors teach fundamental academic skills such as reading, language arts, math and social studies, while specialists offer hands-on experiments in the science lab, Spanish, technology, art, music, swimming and physical education. Academic excellence is a priority and each child is watched closely to ensure he or she not only fully understands the subject matter, but can see how it applies to the world around them. Those ready for more are placed at the next grade level for reading and math.

Unlike districts where children as young as third grade are taught to the PARCC at the expense of other key parts of the curriculum, Seashore students participate in an extremely well-rounded schedule that ensures they do well on standardized exams because they thoroughly comprehend what they have been taught and why.

The Emphasis Is On Developing Critical Thinking, Technology & Communication Skills
Boys and girls do much more than memorize facts and times tables. From a very young age, they learn by doing and are encouraged to think, to question and to apply their knowledge. By supplementing classroom instruction with hands-on experiments in our science lab, we give students a chance to see how the applications they are learning really work and gain a better understanding of the weather, magnets, minerals and motion. To supplement the curriculum, there are trips to orchards, Huber Woods, Liberty Science Center, National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, the State House, Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, Columbia University Journalism Conference, museums and more.

Advanced Computer Skills
Students acquire word processing, research and Internet safety skills. They are introduced to graphics programs that help with presentations across disciplines in elementary school, intermediate school and beyond. To encourage them to use technology, there is a 16-unit computer lab, Promethean ACTIVBoards in every classroom and computer-assisted math and science labs.

Electives Start In Third Grade
To introduce students to possible hobbies and develop life skills, Seashore offers an elective program starting in third grade. Each marking period boys and girls can choose classes that interest them including Chopped Challenge Jr., Ceramics, Mosaics, Yogacize, Zumba, Pitchers and Catchers, Swimming, Games On, Photography, Cupcake Wars and more.

Award-Winning Seashore Student Views
Beginning in fourth grade, children take Intro To Journalism, where are taught to report the news for Seashore Student Views. They learn how to cover events, write articles, headlines and captions, take photographs; do roving reporter polls and participate in the layout of the student newspaper which has consistently earned Gold Medalist Status, Gold Circles, All-Columbian Honors and even Crown Awards from Columbia University’s Scholastic Press Association.

BEE Ready Class Improves Spelling, Expands Vocabulary & Prepares Students For Scripps Regional Bee
Fourth through middle school students also participate in a BEE Ready Class. Along with grade level lists, they are introduced to 1,150 words from countries of foreign origin, expand vocabulary by playing word games, sample foods from different countries so they can see how words are spelled on packaging and take part in weekly bees. At the end of January, students compete in a school-wide bee for the right to represent Seashore in the Scripps Regionals at Monmouth University. Fourth graders do well in this program. Several years ago, a fourth grader was the runner up to the eighth-grade valedictorian in the school bee, and in 2018, a fourth grader won the school bee and reclaimed her right to compete again as a fifth grader in 2019.

Science Olympiad Puts Fourth To Sixth Graders Full STEAM Ahead
In addition, fourth graders are introduced to STEAM principles and processes needed for Science Olympiad. Partnered with fifth and sixth graders, they compete in a day of timed-trials that test their ability to stay cool under pressure as they go up against students from other schools to build a barge that can support the most weight, develop a recyclable and sustainable container that can keep an ice cube from melting, design a mechanism to drop an egg from a 14′ ladder to hit a target without having it break, build the tallest tower using nothing but mini marshmallows and toothpicks, identify mystery powders, determine water levels needed to play My Country Tis Of Thee and more. On February 23, 2019, students won gold in two categories and brought home 12 medals in five events, setting the Seashore Science Olympiad record. One of our fourth graders (working with a fifth grader) took first place in the Mini Marshmallow Tower — building a structure so higher it towered over the competition.

Performing Arts Program “On Broadway”
In addition to delivering strong performances in the classroom, children can be part of Seashore Players, an after-school company of first to eighth graders that wow audiences with large-scale professionally produced shows including Beauty and The Beast, Seussical, Annie, Willie Wonka, Into The Woods, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Elf, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Aladdin and 2019’s Once Upon A Mattress.

We Also Develop Positive Study Habits Needed To Succeed In Intermediate School
Along with providing a solid educational foundation, we help students form study habits, which will benefit them in later years. We teach them where to look for information, how to use it and how to communicate their findings effectively. As they advance through the program, they also learn how to organize their time and break projects into manageable tasks, so they will be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in grades five through eight.

To observe a class in session, schedule a tour or learn more about Seashore – the most progressive private elementary school in Monmouth County – please call 732.222.6464 or CLICK HERE.